Wicket & HTML5 Showcase App

Since HTML5 and Wicket are both favorite topics of mine and I’m currently writing an article about Wicket and JavaScript, I’ve built a showcase application to try out some HTML5 features with Wicket.

To start, I’ve built a litte JavaScript module that takes a form and stores the user input into the HTML5 IndexedDB. Then I played around with Wicket Behaviors to add the JavaScript to the application. I will be adding more features to the showcase as I play around with HTML5. My conclusion up to this point is that it’s a lot of fun to work with Wicket and HTML5 together!

The App has a nice Design made by a Designer at adesso, Andr√© Firchow. Thanks for letting me use it! It’s that much more fun to work with an eye-pleasing Look & Feel :). Here’s a screen:

The Showcase App is hosted at google code.: http://code.google.com/p/wickethtml5/. Feel free to try it out!


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