Marrying HTML5 and Apache Wicket: The new form elements

Since I like playing around with Apache Wicket and I recently got the opportunity to dive into the new features of HTML5, I was wondering how much effort it would take to integrate those features into a Wicket application. For an easy start, I chose to have a look at the new form elements HTML5 offers (a very good demo of HTML5 form elements can be found here:

A full text search for “html5” through Wicket’s code base (version 1.5.3) reveals that some of the new input elements have already been thought of:

  • FileUploadField
  • EmailTextField
  • NumberTextField
  • RangeTextField
  • UrlTextField

Nothing left to do here… . However, the following features seem to have been looked over:

  • the required flag
  • the placeholder text
  • date input
  • color input
  • telephone input
  • search input 
I’ll have a look at how we can incorporate those features into a Wicket application in the next blog posts. It shouldn’t be a lot of work with Wicket’s flexible component model.

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